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You can playback or create music visualizations.
You can listen to MP3 music files, folders, CD Audio.
You can create images too.
With new FREEWARE MusicColor 2.5 you can play back , or create ( with no programming,
with easy visual editing ) animated, changing their colors, ever shifting, with changing density
image-based JMP music visualizations (MusicColor's propriatory image file type).
Low End
of Colorful Drive.JMP
You can experience the music's stereo effect visually while an image changes its colors from its Low End colorful modification through to its another fabulous High End modification.
High End
of Colorful Drive.JMP
You can download MusicColor 2.5 with stereo JMP music visualization Colorful Drive.JMP inside the package (and two other animated music visualizations).
JMP visualizations and graphic compositions may contain View and Music Recommendations with the tips on the music that is good enough to watch the vis.
MusicColor can work as a music visualization utility for your favorite music Player.
It has a built-in CD player and an interface to RealPlayer. You can listen to the music from the external audio systems.
Other features of MusicColor
With Image Repainter you can change colors of an image, enhance its brightness or contrast.
With its Tosser you can look through 511 diverse amazing colorful modifications of the same image within 5 minutes and save each of them as a JPEG image or a JMP music visualization.
Tosser has a separate button Gold with 4 predefined combinations to turn most of gray-scaled images like clouds, white flowers, snow in shadow, ocean, blue water, tree leaves into gold.

Every image has a lot of content.
MusicColor's Tosser is your tool to find it.

How it was created

MusicColor 2.5 is a freeware multimedia software program. You can DownLoad MusicColor 2.5
Graphic Compositions. You can draw any shape using third party graphics editor and insert it in a graphic composition like this one that changes colors and size of small images in the beat of the music
Unlimited number of images You can easily combine any number of images and make them all change their colors with the music
With a FlashBack 's slider and buttons at any moment you can watch back and save as an image every of the 300 fancy visualization frames (about 18 seconds, almost no extra memory) created with the music you are listening to. You can modify other images and graphic compositions with the same 300 samples if you hooked up a great sound clip.
Many of the images on this page were made using MusicColor's built-in ScreenShot as it allows to save images with custom extents (all those images are smaller than the original ones).
MusicColor 2.5 includes image-based tutorial/showcase "Creating images with MusicColor" of what can be and had been done as well as 3 animated and recolored music visualizations.
Download MusicColor 2.5
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